Daniel Lindley

Daniel Lindley

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Associate Professor of Political Science

Office: 448 Decio Faculty Hall
Phone: 574-631-3226
Email: Lindley.3@nd.edu

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Areas of Expertise

International relations, foreign policy, security studies

A frequent visitor to zones of conflict as diverse as Namibia, Cyprus, Cambodia and the Golan Heights, Lindley writes and speaks on United Nations peacekeeping, civil war, ethnic conflict, and the efficacy of pre-emptive and preventive war. In his recent book, “Promoting Peace with Information,” he argues that peacekeeping institutions such as the United Nations can reduce the risk of war by increasing transparency between adversaries. “Information is power,” he says, “and information in the hands of the U.N. has untapped power to promote peace.” Much of his recent work concerns the rationality of war and explores the increasing futility of preemptive warfare “It’s clear that the utility of war has declined markedly,” he says. “Policymakers should know that war is a bad bet.”


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