Clark Power

Clark Power

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Professor of Education in the Program of Liberal Studies

Office: 215 O’Shaughnessy Hall
Mobile: 574-631-7343

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Areas of Expertise

Moral development and education, bullying, cheating, youth sports, character education

During his more than 30 years of teaching, Power has authored six books and more than 70 articles regarding moral education and development, with a focus on school discipline and moral character. With teaching experience in both middle and high schools, Power consulted for 2 years in a character education program focused on issues for at-risk students. His body of work includes research in the areas of bullying and conflict resolution and safe environment for children and he is presently exploring how schools and sports teams can support each other to prevent bullying and peer isolation while encouraging community values. He is the past president of the Association of Moral Education and the recipient of the association’s Kuhmerker Award for his contributions to the field of moral and character education. Power’s research and experiences have led him to develop and direct the Play Like a Champion Today Program. This research based curriculum was designed to assist youth and high school coaches, administrators and parents in nurturing character development through the sports experience. The PLACT Program focuses on the abundant opportunity present in sports to help young people mature morally, emotionally, spiritually and physically through a positive and successful association with sports.


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