Boldizsár Jankó

Boldizsár Jankó

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Professor of Theoretical Physics

Office: 310 Nieuwland Science Hall
Phone: 574-631-8049

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Areas of Expertise

Theoretical condensed matter physics, spintronics

Co-founder and director of the Institute for Theoretical Sciences, a joint institute of Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Notre Dame, Jankó is the author or co-author of many high impact publications. As of September 2010, the cumulative citations received by his papers exceed 1300. Several of his major theoretical predictions, on subjects ranging from neutron scattering in superconductors to vortex dynamics, have now been confirmed experimentally. Jankó received the 2003 Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship and has been the recipient and the principal investigator of several major research awards from the National Science Foundation. Before arriving at Notre Dame, Jankó held research positions at several leading institutions such as the Materials Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory (1998-2000) and The University of Chicago’s James Franck Institute (1996-1998).


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