Anita Kelly

Anita Kelly

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Professor of Psychology

Office: 108 Haggar Hall
Phone: 574-631-7048

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Areas of Expertise

Secrets, confidentiality

An expert on secrets/confidentiality, Kelly’s research focuses on how people construct their identities through presenting either negative or positive information about themselves to others. She has been studying self-presentational processes in both clinical contexts and everyday interactions, and currently, she is assessing the role of the confidant (e.g., counselors or friends) in determining whether people benefit from revealing their negative, personal secrets. In addition, she has examined how keeping secrets from one’s self, or engaging in thought suppression, may lead to problems for some people but may be an effective thought-control strategy for others. Kelly is author of “The Psychology of Secrets” and has developed a model for when people should and should not reveal their secrets to various confidants.


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