Alexandra Corning

Alexandra Corning

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Research Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: 101 Haggar Hall
Phone: 574-631-9928

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Areas of Expertise

Eating disorders, body image

Corning’s research is in the area of eating disorders and body image problems. In her lab, she is especially focused on preventing the development of symptoms related to eating disorders in adolescent girls before the symptoms get out of hand. At present, much of her work targets girls in middle school, before they reach critical risk periods. Most recently, she has been conducting intervention work with mothers of middle-school girls, as mothers can be powerful, positive agents of change in their daughters’ lives. Specific areas of focus include the role of social comparison in body image, the effectiveness of self-affirmation for decreasing body concerns and increasing healthy behaviors, the covert consequences of fat talk, and the power of the mother-daughter relationship to mitigate the development of eating-disorder risk factors. Corning is also a licensed psychologist and health service provider.


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