Alan Seabaugh

Alan Seabaugh

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Professor of Electrical Engineering

Office: 266 Fitzpatrick Hall
Phone: 574-631-4473

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Areas of Expertise

Nanoelectronics, computer devices and circuits

Seabaugh researches new devices and circuits enabled by engineering at the nanoscale. Of particular interest are high speed and low power transistors, tunneling devices, tunnel diode/transistor circuits and nanomechanical devices. These devices are based on various materials systems including indium arsenide, indium phosphide, gallium nitride, silicon and germanium. Seabaugh also serves as director of the Midwest Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery (MIND), a research consortium led by Notre Dame and designed to discover and develop the next nanoscale logic device, which will be the building block for future computers. He also is assistant director of the Notre Dame Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano), which focuses on energy harvesting technologies, new materials and nanostructures, nano-bio electronics, and the physical limits to computation.


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