Agustin Fuentes

Agustin Fuentes

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Professor of Anthropology
Chair of the Department of Anthropology

Office: 613 Flanner Hall
Phone: 574-631-5547

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Areas of Expertise

Biological anthropology, primatology and evolution of social organization and behavior, human evolution

Fuentes examines human evolution from several perspectives, and his research sheds light on some of the most common misconceptions about human nature, specifically in the areas of race, sex and aggression. He is the author of “Evolution of Human Behavior,” which examines how and why humans evolved behaviorally, and “Health, Risk and Adversity,” which provides a comparative approach to the analysis of health disparities and human adaptability and focuses on the pathways that lead to unequal health outcomes. Fuentes writes a blog for Psychology Today called “Busting Myths About Human Nature.”


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