Abigail Wozniak

Abigail Wozniak

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Associate Professor of Economics

Office: 441 Flanner Hall
Phone: 574-631-6208
Email: awozniak@nd.edu

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Areas of Expertise

  • Labor economics
  • Labor migration
  • Higher Education
  • Black-White Differences
  • Economic History

Wozniak researches the relationship between migration and economic opportunity, with particular attention to the role of higher education in migration. Recent projects have examined changes in migration rates over the business cycle and the impact of college on subsequent migration. Wozniak also has studied the effects of industry product market changes on compensation for workers of different skill levels. She has published in The Journal of Labor Economics, The Journal of Human Resources, and The Journal of Economic Perspectives and Her work has also been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Businessweek and other press outlets. She is a former associate economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and a research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn, Germany.


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