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Tuberculosis: The disease of antiquity

Author: Jessica Sieff

Jeff Schorey

With grants from the National Institutes of Health, Jeff Schorey’s lab studies the relationship between mycobacteria, the causative agent of TB, and macrophages, cells of the immune system, which can fall victim to the TB pathogen when infected. 

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Rare Disease Day a reminder of the importance of research

Author: Notre Dame News

Rich Taylor

The University of Notre Dame’s Warren Family Research Center for Drug Discovery and Development is focusing on collaboration, as it continues a rich history in therapeutic discovery.

“We’re expanding the capabilities of researchers through the development and support of partnerships with foundations and pharmaceutical companies, and collaborating with researchers who have complementary expertise,” said Richard Taylor, professor of chemistry and biochemistry and acting director of the Warren Family Research Center.

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Yahoo’s woes transcend privacy

Author: Shannon Roddel

Timothy Carone

A report Tuesday (Oct. 4) indicating that Yahoo may have complied with an FBI/National Security Agency directive last year, creating custom software to allow the government to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for certain phrases, forces the still unresolved privacy issue back into the open, according to University of Notre Dame data security expert Timothy Carone.

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Colombia’s defeated peace agreement not entirely surprising, social media analysis shows

Author: Shannon Roddel

Jason Quinn

On Sunday (Oct. 2), Colombians narrowly rejected a peace deal that the country’s president and largest rebel group had signed just days before.

The “no” vote — while surprising in light of recent polling trends — was somewhat predictable given what we know of other peace agreement referendums and social media analysis, according to Jason Quinn, research assistant professor in the Peace Accords Matrix (PAM) project at the University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

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