The Secret in the Wings by Mary Zimmerman


Location: Philbin Studio Theatre

“The Secret in the Wings” (2003) weaves together a number of fairy tales told through a variety of techniques. Each one cuts off before its conclusion, and then all are neatly resolved into a charming ending that reminds us that they are, after all, just fairy tales.

Nimala Nataraj in SF Station says that Zimmerman “presents a captivating rendition of lesser know European Fairy fairly tales that takes viewers on a hypnotic voyage into the murky underbelly of human impulses. Slicing up these stories and enmeshing them in a framework that quickly dissolves and makes the border between storyteller and tale indistinct. Zimmerman opts for an arrangement that makes the entire stage glow with prescience; and every character promises a bizarre finale.”

Cost: $15 Regular, $12 Faculty / Staff / Senior, $7 Student